E Coudray

A small perfume shop M.Maugenet & E.Coudray was established in Paris around 1810. Edmond Coudray, a doctor-chemist, traveled over the world bringing back exotic raw materials. In 1837 the house of Coudray became the official supplier to the British Court. Coudray Parfums remained a family business until 1908. when it was acquired by Edouard Colmant. After World War II the house was revived thanks to surviving formulas of the perfumes.

The modern history of Coudray began in 2002. with a new owner, who has gone to great lengths to respect the traditions and the image of the house of Coudray.

Almost all modern fragrances of Coudray are based on old formulas and even have the same names (Vanille et Coco, Jacinthe et Rose, Givrine, the newest Nohiba).

Caron Paris

To discover the secret charm of Caron by perusing its century-old history is to enter the sacred world of fragrance.  Behind the creation of every fragrance lies a fascinating story and their symbolic names often evoke particular events within the world of luxury.  In 1904, thanks to the genius of Ernest Daltroff, Caron established itself in the world of High Perfumery, opening its doors at 10 rue de la Paix, Paris. Ernest’s love for his colleague Félicie, was a constant and significant influence in his creations.  Together, they created powerful concept fragrances such as “N’Aimez que Moi” in 1916, “Tabac Blond” in 1919, “Fleurs de Rocaille” in 1933 as well as the legendary “Pour Un Homme” in 1934. They also developed a manufacturing process for their “Poudre Libre”, the finest in the world today. The method remains a trade secret.

As an avant-garde brand, in harmony with art and fashion, inspired by the defining feats of the 20th century, Caron has been able to adapt to significant changes in lifestyle habits while staying true to its own tradition.

Marina de Bourbon

In 1993, Mr. Gilles Pommereau happened to be introduced by a perfumer to Her Royal Excellency the Princess Marina de Bourbon. After a rich and enthusiastic dialogue, they immediately decided to collaborate and create a new perfume: Le Parfum de la Princesse Marina de Bourbon Parme. Certainly, it seemed fated that they end up on the same path, with their shared taste for things priceless and unique. Thus began their partnership with a sense of unbounded creativity, their unique experiment of luxury and beauty. It was the starting point for what has now been a great and marvelous adventure for over 20 years.

L.T. Piver

L.T. Piver has been synonymous with refined, original fragrances for over two centuries. Its incomparable expertise and elegant perfumes continue to be the incarnation of a world of seduction, dreams and emotions – a formidable achievement in an era which is fickle at best! From the court of Louis XVI through to the twenty-first century, L.T Piver has successfully married the classic with the modern and the traditional with progress.

Chateau de Versailles

The archives of the Palace of Versailles, the principle residence of French kings from the time of Louis XIV to Louis XVI, contain a series of fragrance formulas developed in the 17th and 18th centuries by the perfumers of the King of France. The company CFFC (Conservatoire Francais des Fragrances et Cosmetiques) has been the only fragrance developer to obtain the right to use these formulas and market them under license. The perfumes have been recomposed with antique natural ingredients but also with contemporary synthetic molecules to create a range of perfumes directly inspired by this time: the Parfum du Chateau de Versailles. A bold new concept of feminity, les Parfums du Chateau de Versailles are luminous, glamorous fragrances whose opulent scents shimmer radiantly on your skin like an invigorating sunbeam.

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