Catering to the most exclusive tastes, our prestige and niche products are the absolute epitome of luxury. With some spanning over 100 years of history, we select only the most enticing brands to represent in the United States. Including fragrances, powders, creams and accessories, these products cater to the most selective consumers in the market. Utilizing our extensive network of department stores, specialty boutiques, spas and hotels, we take extreme care in controlling the image our brands are portraying in the market.

With an emphasis on education, we are constantly developing new strategies to communicate our brands’ stories to both retail stores and their end consumers. Using our regional sales directors to oversee a more expansive sales staff, we are able to offer your brand support on every level of the supply chain. These elements combined give us an unparalleled position in making sure that your brand is being fully appreciated and recognized by targeted market segments.

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